bears' bees & HONEY is a family run, Thunder Bay Ontario business established in 1996. We are a small operation managing 50 honey bee colonies at the height of the summer season.


Why honeybees? I have had a love for bumblebees since an early age. That soon became a passion for all bees.


At bears' bees & HONEY we believe in purity, quality and the dedication to the art of beekeeping. We do not use automated machinery to process our honey, it is hand processed. Gathering and processing of our honey is as basic as it gets. Our honey is strained to remove the bulk of the large wax particles leaving behind the natural pollens instilled in the honey. Our honey is pure, natural and unpasteurized 100% Ontario HONEY.


Our hives are placed in locations that will produce a unique tasting, quality honey under the following labels.


North of Superior Wildflower Honey


Shuniah & Kakabeka Falls Ontario & Algoma Highlands blueberry Farms in Wawa Ontario.


North of Lake Nipigon Wild Honey


Hives are located 93 km Northeast of Armstrong Ontario, at the top of Lake Nipigons, Ombabika Bay. Honey produced in these yards is specifically blueberry and a unique Northern bog flower mix of nectars.


At bears' bees & HONEY we believe in supporting and enhancing native pollinators' and their environment.


We offer school group, club, organization or personal apiary tours and talks, Conduct native Mason bee condo workshops and builds. We also have a 12 month observation hive located in our Honey House.



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